MedcoHealth Website Review & Ratings + MedcoHealth Coupons
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MedcoHealth Website Review & Ratings + MedcoHealth Coupons

MedcoHealth: Products & Services

Express Scripts is based in North America operating as “PBM” or what it is called a pharmacy benefit management and “SAAS” or Specialty and Ancillary Services. The services under PBM includes; compliance and therapy management, retail network pharmacy management, benefit design consultation, drug formulary management programs, home delivery pharmacy services, and drug utilization review. 

The company is very committed in providing safe and affordable pharmaceuticals delivery to its members and clients. They have millions of consumers who buy their products.

MedcoHealth: Company Background

Express Scripts was founded in the year 1986 with the aim to make the use of prescription drugs safer. This company’s aim is intended to consumers such as employers, union and health plans, and government. Express Scripts was never owned by a drug manufacturer.

Express Scripts is headquartered in 1 Express Way, Saint Louis, MO 63121-1824 operating under the business category of health & medical, wholesaler and manufacturer of pharmaceutical products, druggists, and pharmacies. The company’s principal is George Paz who is the company’s president and CEO as well. Furthermore, Express Scripts has an alternate business name of “Express Scripts Specialty Distribution Services”.

MedcoHealth: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Based on submitted review, Express Scripts got a perfect 5-star score. The rating pertains to the company’s website user-friendliness and company’s great service.

“Express Scripts is an easy to use site for ordering prescription medications online. Site is efficient; LIVE staff is efficient and helpful on the phone--no LONG waits for an automated voice. Great company!”

Under the Better Business bureau record, Express Scripts has a large volume of complaints filed by their clients to a count of 567 which was closed in the last 3 years. The filed complaints were more on problems with product/service followed by billing issues. And as a result, Express Scripts failed to resolve one complaint that was filed in the year 2012 regarding the product/service issue. There are 204 complaints filed against them that the customers were not satisfied with Express Scripts response. Read on for the complaint snippet.

“Received a collection bill before a regular bill. Bill was paid June 2012.check cleared.credited the wrong account/won't fix it after numerous calls”

MedcoHealth: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Express Scripts is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau however it gained the highest rating to a scale of “A+”. The factors that raised the company’s ratings include; the length of time of its operation, the responses and resolutions to complaints that was filed against them and BBB has sufficient background information to them. Through their longest journey in the business industry, Express Scripts got several awards and honors each year since the year 1994. The latest awards they received were on the year 2012. The awards they received includes; Fortune 500, No. 60 and Best for Vets Employer, Military Times EDGE and two more!

Furthermore, they have been a Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites which is a program of the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy and they were enrolled also in Trustwave's Trusted Commerce program to validate compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

MedcoHealth: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

There is one submitted review for under Alexa. The review pertains to the site user-friendliness and great service  and has a perfect 5-star. The site also got a global rank of 9,060 which was based on the three-month traffic rankings. got a traffic rank of 1,498 at US users. Another factor for the site popularity is the 1,066 sites linking into it. The site has 71.64% search traffic with high impact on search queries. The Google PageRank value is 7 out of 10 with estimated 3,196,510 unique visitors visited the site per month.

MedcoHealth: Social Media Presence

Express-Scripts does not maintain a blog for their customers, however they have a news page where it contains product alerts. Their news page is infrequently updated. The latest update was on November 26, 2012. With regard to other social media presence, they only have a Twitter page where they can be followed. Their Twitter page currently has 3,152 followers, 537 following and contains 770 tweets. The link to their social networking page can be found at the site’s footer situated on the left area.

MedcoHealth: Website Security & Safety website security meets site security standard. They are using a secure (https://) connection to their entire site’s pages. Express-Scripts company’s website is enrolled in Trustwave's Trusted Commerce program to validate compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) mandated by all the major credit card. The SSL certification of was signed by VeriSign Class 3 Secure Server CA and is currently active. was even checked by the Google’s diagnostics page and it is not listed as suspicious. When Google visited the site’s 3 pages last November 26, 2012 it resulted to no malicious software being downloaded and installed without user consent. Furthermore, for the past 90 days did not act as midway for other sites to get infected.

MedcoHealth: Pricing & Packages

Express Scripts threshold boundary is apparently based on the full $ amount of a particular order, not the individual Rx copay. The starting point is $150.00 having no credit card on file and $500 if there is a credit card on file. In the event that a specific order exceeds either copay threshold, the company will check the similar buying pattern history existence so that the order will be released to continue processing and either invoiced or charged to the credit card on file. However, if there is no similar pattern for buying, Express Scripts will contact the patient for shipping approval.

Generic drugs are considered to be non-formulary and it is subject to the non-formulary copayment which is worth $43 without any medical requirement approval. $13 is charged via home delivery or $17 at the retail pharmacy with medical requirement approval.

MedcoHealth: Shipping Rates & Policies

Express Scripts ensures medications reliability by working enthusiastically to the manufacturers of drug as well as to shipping vendors so that all medications will be shipped accordingly. Each medication is shipped and packed in accordance to the manufacturer and to FDA directives. For the refrigerated drugs, it is subject for fast shipping with no additional cost.  All medication orders are ship via USPS, UPS, DHL, and FedEx. 

Express Scripts does not usually ship internationally for some valid reasons. However, an international shipment will take place if the patient provides an American Post Office (APO) address or a Fleet Post Office (FPO) address.

Overnight shipment is available at Express Scripts upon request only that additional shipping and handling charges may apply. For shipment that will be delivered to street address it is intended for overnight delivery.

MedcoHealth: Payment Methods Accepted

Express Scripts accepting orders via online and form submission. Payment for online orders can be done through check card or credit card. The card they are accepting includes; MasterCard, Discover, Visa, and American Express. For order forms that were sent through mail, it will automatically be charged to the credit card or debit card that was already have on the file in the event that the order is shipped. In case that there is no card on file, a bill will be mailed that is payable by using credit card, debit card or even personal check.   

MedcoHealth: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Express Scripts is not capable to fill a prescription it has returned to the patient. According to NextRx procedure, when a particular patient undergoes a request, the prescriptions will be returned. Furthermore, Express Scripts can process replacements on substances that are controlled at home delivery pharmacies. This is done by the pharmacist by contacting the doctor informing that the patient is requesting a replacement. However, if a new hard copy of the schedule 2 medication is not presented the replacement cannot be processed.

Additionally, if the replacement request is due to damage medication, it must firstly be returned and received before the processing of replacement. In the event that Express Scripts process the order and filled it appropriately, the request to return order is no longer accepted.

MedcoHealth: Product images & screenshots
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